Another growth animation

March 14, 2007

…This time showing how the growth of a suburban shared space begins along the existing boundaries of the suburban property system. As these ‘fault-lines’ expand the grid of property itself breaks up and changes with the sharing space.

Link straight to the 700k mov file
…Or you can view a nasty flash video version on the Vimeo page where it is hosted, here.


Idea explained

February 22, 2007

I made an animation to try to explain this week’s idea.

Shared suburban space

Annoyingly, and after a lot of frutrated attempts, it seems I can’t embed quicktime *.mov files or vimeo flash movies on this WordPress blog.

Ahhh well, you can see it here.

I may finally have had an idea

February 20, 2007

moleskine sketch

An explanation, and maybe even justification, to follow shortly…

Suburbia’s trying to tell me something…

February 19, 2007

I know it’s almost entirely imposed by my own subconscious, but the fact that the order in which I was tracing backyard shed layouts just happened to give me this message did at least lighten up my morning slightly. I like to think the inhabitants of this block of Brent have, with their choice of garden furniturte and buildings, been unknowingly contributing to a message just for me all these years.

Sadly there isn’t a Simpsons-esque ‘T’ on the next block to the right…